We will provide children between the ages of 2.5-5 years with a safe environment that will allow them to explore and enhance their social, emotional, and cognitive learning.

We will equip and inspire the children with the basic knowledge needed to prepare them for kindergarten as well as life long learning. We will nurture and explore their creative minds and identify each child’s behavioural profiles.

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“My daughter spent a wonderful year at KASIA. Her language, self confidence and independence changed substantially as she spent more time at the school. I cannot say enough positive things about KASIA. I will definitely be sending my second child to this school as well.” (2014)


Parent of KASIA Preschool

“Wow, what a year my son had at K.A.S.I.A. Preschool. Max arrived the first day with separation anxiety but before we knew it Max was a well-adjusted boy. It was all thanks to Ms. Kerry-Ann and staff who provided the tools to teach Max life lessons of confidence and independence. From that point on, Max grew and learned so much at K.A.S.I.A. Preschool and soon became a leader with helping younger kids in his class. Even though his time with Ms. Kerry-Ann is over, Max continues to speak of all the things he learned under her caring guidance.” (2015)


Parent of KASIA Prechool

“Saige, our four-year-old, attended KASIA Preschool for two years (2013-2015). My family and I feel privileged and are thankful for the opportunity to have been able to send her to KASIA. Saige, has recently commenced Junior Kindergarten (JK) at Williamson Road P.S.

On the first day, she walked into the school without any fears or concerns. We know this is hugely due to the LOVE (I emphasize love because it was very present at KASIA), time and the attention given to her and all children. Kerry-Ann, the owner and administrator and the assistant teacher, go above and beyond the call of duty for each child and their family. I am particularly in awe of the efforts taken to communicate with parents on a daily basis and most importantly admire to engage with the children.

In addition, I particularly admire Kerry-Ann’s professionalism and ability to keep on top of all of “her” children’s’ personal and developmental needs. The curriculum at KASIA establishes a great balance between learning and play with great activities that allow children to learn critical life skills. The skills that Saige acquired from KASIA built confidence in a child who originally showed up to KASIA timid. According to Saige’s current teachers, she is a pleasure to have in the class because she is competent in early life skills for four-year-old and displays skills and aptitudes of a Senior Kindergarten student.

KASIA is a place where all are embraced and celebrated. The environment is safe and clean. Kerry-Ann encourages parents to bond and communicate with each other, which builds reliable and engaged parent community.

I am certain that the relationship and the synergy between my family and the teachers at KASIA are the reasons behind Saige’s successful beginnings in JK. I intend to maintain my relationship with Kerry-Ann with further intentions of sending my eight-month-old in the near future. I appreciate Kerry-Ann and her assistant for all they have done. Saige loves KASIA Preschool and I know it is because of the positive impact on the little life.

Thank you! Thank you KASIA! I will always recommend you first.” (2015)


Parent of KASIA Preschool

About Us

K.A.S.I.A Preschool… is creative, academic environment for children ages 2.5* to 5, located in the Beaches Neighbourhood. Your children will grow and learn their own individual pace.

*There are 3 spaces available for children to begin their fun and learning at K.A.S.I.A Preschool as young as 24 months.



The program is intended for the enrichment of your child to achieve early success in all future endeavors such as education and social development. Our combined philosophies of play based learning and Montessori inspired activities will help prepare your child for success in advance!


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